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The place where I talk about my life with my young son and what we are creating as we live each day together.

Sharpie Face John Green with a little monster. Trick or Treating for the first year and he had a blast!

Trip to the Lake

It is a long drive from the fort up to the lakes, someone fell asleep. 

But soon as we were there, he woke right up

and found a football

And then we got into our swimsuits and had so much fun, I forgot I wanted to get pictures. But rest assured we had a LOT of fun, even if the water was a little on the chilly side from all of the rain we’ve been getting. Here is Calvin after we got out.

And ready to start playing with Dad and our friend. 

As you can see Calvin is really good at cheating at this game. 

Then mom went back into the water for a while, and I was able to get these shots of Calvin and his daddy together.

Calvin decided to try a new game with mommy

And then mommy played a game; how far could I walk before Calvin freaked out.

There he is pointing back at the beach and telling me to go back already mommy. 

After we had cleaned up, he ran around a bit and enjoyed looking at the turtle in the nature center. Look at how pretty it is out in the country of Indiana. 

And there he goes. That was our trip. We all had fun, although my shoulders could use some aloe vera now. 

Day 1

Today wasn’t all that terribly exciting. I stayed with my son. We ate cake and played and I crocheted a turtle and learned some embroidery stitches. But as it is the first day of my self test on whether or not I can blog every day no matter who is reading. There’s my day. And soon I will get to put my toddler to bed for the night and try and figure out how to clean up the mess he left behind him. 

So here is Strawberry. 

Last Day in May

Who uses blogger anymore?? Apparently nobody. So I’m moving Lora and Calvin Create to Tumblr. I am also going to do my best to post original content once a day to keep everyone up to date. Or possibly just myself. That works too. 

Calvin is getting to be so big and smart (why yes my son is the smartest almost three year old ever and no I don’t think I’m biased, why?) that sometimes I forget how young he actually is. I am finding it helpful to remember that he isn’t quite even three years yet and that each day is going to be different and harder as we go through life together.

image Some days are going to be sunshiney and it will be easy to forget the one or two small temper tantrums. And some days will be one long frustration for both Calvin and I as we move through the day with every decision being made the wrong one in the wrong colored sippy cup, until at last my son collapses in a little toddler heap out of sheer exhaustion. And in the sudden quiet I can gather up the scattered threads of my sanity and piece myself back together as an individual and not just as a mom.

On a side note I have been bitten by a toy making bug. Technically these two aren’t all the way finished yet, as they don’t have faces and I am planning a trip to the store for felt soon when Rickey has more than two hours at a time that he isn’t at work or sleeping.

Here is Smiles. Because he makes me smile whenever I look at him or squeeze him. Calvin loves counting his spines.


Here is Nugget. She is sweet and small but with a lot of a attitude.


And here are three things I have made all enjoying a happy nap together.


Coming soon; my that’s a lot of shades of green yarn you’ve got drying there…